With Sebastian Troy

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Sunday 10:00 12:00
Monday 10:00 12:00
Tuesday 10:00 12:00
Wednesday 10:00 12:00
Thursday 10:00 12:00
Friday 10:00 12:00
Saturday 10:00 12:00

Electro-industrial also know as Elektro, is a form of Industrial & Noise formed in the late 1980s and early 1990s that grew out of a combination of EBM and Industrial.

It maintains some of the danceability of EBM but trades in the clean and stripped down approach of EBM for the harsher elements and more layered and complex sound of older industrial.

It often has a much more modern feel to it than the typical industrial music of the 1980s, in part due to technological advances that have been made since then.

Grittier, complex and layered sound with a more experimental approach.

Electro-industrial events

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